Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bed Runners

If you can't make a commitment to a big quilt, why not a Bed Runner?  These narrow quilts just cover the foot of the bed, and add color and extra warmth to your bed, without all of the fuss of a big quilt.   They can also be made with pockets on the ends to hold the remote, or toys for the kids.  If you sit on the end of the bed to put on your shoes, a bed runner can protect the quilt or bedspread that it covers, and they are easier to wash than a big quilt.  They can be custom made to fit any bed or decor, and make great gifts.

Pillow shams can also be made from the same fabric to match the bed runner.

The dimensions are typically 24" wide and the length is 25"-30" longer than the width of the mattress, so that there is a 12"-15" drop on each side of the bed.

I'm going to be making these, including Christmas ones, and putting them on my website at


Friday, August 3, 2012

Modern Feathers

Here is my new favorite machine quilting pattern -- "modern" feathers?  I drew the pattern on paper first, until I got it down, then had a great time doing this practice quilt.  The possibilities are endless :)

Here is the YouTube video -- YouTube - Feathers of a New Generation