Friday, February 12, 2021

Quilts Made in 2020

I wanted to post these quilts I made in 2020. I took a break from making Wedding Dress Quilts to make some quilts for myself, and Christmas gifts.

Purple Flowers was made from an embroidered tablecloth, on a purple cotton backing, and
machine quilted.

Purple Flowers

I wanted to try a mandala whole cloth quilt, and designed and quilted this one in white thread on a blue cotton background.

Blue Mandala

This whole cloth quilt was made from a Dream Big panel by Hoffman, and quilted in a feather pattern.

Big Dreams

Ruth wanted a quilt with penguins for a Christmas present, this panel with two blue borders added was perfect.

Penguins for Ruth

Christmas barnyard animals for Matt and Ashley.

Matt and Ashley

I loved the design on this one, with the shadows making it three dimensional.  It used up a lot of scraps! This one was for me.

Floating Blocks

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Wedding Dress Quilt for Terre

Terre had a pretty wedding dress with narrow lace on the skirt and lace motifs.  I made a wreath design in the center, with a diamond outline. The inner panel was edged with the narrow lace.  The quilting was a feather design.

Terre #1

Her grandmother made these Sunbonnet Sue blocks in 1959, and Terre wanted them made into a quilted wall hanging.  I added blue sashing and border, quilted in a feather design, and quilted a circle or diamond design in the white areas around each Sue.

Terre #2 

Terre #2 Detail

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Quilt, Pillow and Ringbearer's Pillow for Ruby

Ruby had a beautiful wedding dress with a double train, one layer satin and one lace. She wanted her  dress made into a quilt, a pillow and a ringbearer's pillow for her daughter. 

Ruby Pillow Front

I used satin from the dress for the pillow, with the beaded front bodice and strands of  bead "pearls". The back of the pillow was made from the lace train.

Ruby Pillow Back

The ringbearer's pillow was satin with beaded embellishments from the dress.

Ruby Pillow and Ringbearer's Pillow

Ruby's quilt was made from the skirt of her dress.  The satin and lace panels were joined in the center, and machine quilted in a feather design.  This showed off the lace, embellishments, and the lace on the bottom edge of the quilt