Saturday, September 26, 2015

Wedding Dress Quilt and Pillow for Theresa

Haven't been blogging lately, been busy quilting!  

Theresa asked me to make a quilt and pillow from her wedding dress.   As you can see from the picture, it's a beautiful dress, but because it was short, I wasn't sure I could make both the quilt and pillow.  

She also sent me a picture of the historic building where they were married, and asked me to use it somehow. I drew out the picture, and machine embroidered it onto one side of the pillow, with circular lace and beading from the dress sleeves..  The other side of the pillow was covered with the beautiful lace and beading.

The quilt was 

The quilt was made with the satin from the dress, with portions covered in lace and individual embellishments, and a lace ruffle.  Then it was heavily machine quilted.  The finished quilt was 36" x 36".

Just enough left over to make a lace garter for her to pass down.