Monday, February 29, 2016

Second Wedding Dress Quilt for Lisa

Lisa asked me to make two wedding dress quilts from her dress for her son and daughter who are getting married.  I blogged about the first quilt  here .  The dress had beautiful lace embellishments and borders, although the fabric in the dress was too sheer and delicate to use.

I made the quilt from off-white satin, and embroidered the bride and groom's names and the date in the center of the quilt.  The pink and grey borders were the colors in her daughter's wedding.  Mom and Dad's names and their wedding date was put on a decorative label on the back of the quilt.

This quilt was more lacy and feminine than the first quilt, and I was able to include lots of lace from Mom's dress.  The center and border designs highlighted the lace, and were quilted in a feather design.