Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wedding Dress Quilt for Baby

This Wedding Dress / Baby Quilt was a little different from my usual, and very interesting to make.  The bride wanted a tessellating pattern of printed fabrics, with a flock of bright colored birds flying across the quilt, she plans to hang it in her new baby's room.

I used about 10 blue patterned fabrics, the appliqued bird colors contrasted nicely with the blues. The border was made from the wedding dress.  I quilted a large feather shape to fill each blue block, and a free form feather pattern for the border.

The end result was a really fun quilted wall hanging.

This detail picture shows the quilted design on the blue fabrics, and the birds. The more modern quilting style lets me be really creative, and break a few rules :) Normally I wouldn't use printed fabric in a wedding quilt, but it worked!