Friday, April 20, 2018

Wedding Dress Quilt for Erin

Erin's wedding dress had beautiful embroidery and beading on the chiffon skirt.  At the bottom of the skirt, there were two narrow satin borders. The underskirt was satin, which was used for the quilt top. 

In the center, I embroidered the bride and groom's names and wedding date inside a circle made from the beading that was around the neckline of the bodice.  The embroidery was placed in the corners of the center, and a fancy feather design was quilted in the open areas.

The inner border was a feather swirl design.  The narrow satin borders from the bottom of the skirt were put on the outer border, with a quilted design adapted from the embroidery between the borders.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Wedding Dress Quilt for Coti

Coti's beautiful wedding dress was chiffon with a lot of lace, lined with satin.  She wanted a quilt that showed off the beautiful lace.  The satin was used as the top of the quilt, then individual pieces of the lace finished the design, with lots of machine quilting.

In the center, I divided the space.  The bride and groom's names and wedding date were embroidered in the center, with a lace design around the embroidery.  I did a diamond shaped feather swirl pattern next, similar to the inner border.  Then a row of lace, and a feather design in the corners.

The lace was in long pieces going down the skirt of the dress.  I put the lace strips in the corners of the outside border, and quilted a background fill rather than my usual feathers.  This made the lace stand out, and be the focal point of the border.  The inner border was a pretty feather swirl design.