Monday, April 27, 2020

Sweet Dreams Wholecloth Quilt - Entered in Virtual Quilt Show

Sweet Dreams was inspired by some pictures I saw on the internet, I wanted to make a whole cloth quilt incorporating a dream catcher design, and have some fun being creative!

The quilt is made from a single piece of off-white satin, with wool batting and white cotton backing. I quilted a dream catcher in the center, hand beaded, with some thread painting. 

In the borders I created a design that echoed the feathers and dream catchers, along with a traditional feather design. The background areas were quilted in several background fill designs. Instead of a binding, I faced the quilt so that the design fills to the edge of the quilt.
The quilt is entered in the Virtual Quilt show, please take a look, and vote for your favorite (hopefully for my quilt!)