Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Modern Wedding Dress Quilt

Rachel wanted something different and modern for her wedding dress quilt.  Her dress was short, so fabric was limited, and she wanted to use her wedding colors in the quilt.  I used her colors for the top of the quilt, and satin from her dress for the "flower stems" and appliques for the "flowers".  It was machine quilted in an all-over feather design.

It's very interesting and different, but she really liked it, and it was a lot of fun to make!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gloves & Garter Wedding Dress Quilt

Lena sent me a beautiful lace wedding dress, with fingerless net gloves and a garter, to incorporate into a quilt.  The design used the bodice from the dress, and the lace from the skirt was used for the border and ruffle.  The satin in the dress worked beautifully for the background in the center, and under the lace border.

Her wedding photo was incorporated into the label on the back of the quilt.

Spiral machine quilting for the bodice an d border, and feathers for the center.


Friday, June 5, 2015

Purple and White Wedding Dress Quilt

This wedding dress was a beautiful white satin dress, with a purple border around the bodice and down the train.  It was perfect for a wedding dress quilt!   The center design was from the bottom of the front of the dress, with appliques in the top corners.

Feather quilting was perfect for the quilt, the designs on the dress made perfect "stems" for the feathers.

Hope the bride enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Multi Generation Wedding Dress Quilt

This unique wedding dress quilt represented 4 generations of brides, and was a gift to the mew baby!

Great-great grandmother's embroidered flowers were hand appliqued in the center of each outer border.  Two of great-grandmother's crocheted doilies were appliqued on top of each other in the center of the quilt.

Grandmother's satin wedding dress was used for the white areas of the quilt, and the wedding dress lace was used in the triangular areas.  The mother of the bride's dress was a beautiful floral silk, and was used for two borders.

The mother-to-be's wedding veil was gathered and sewn onto each heart in the outer border corners.

The quilt was heavily machine quilted, and a custom label was put on the back, with a frame of silk, and listed the names of the "contributors" to the quilt.

The end result was a wonderful heirloom that they were thrilled with and said they will treasure for many years to come.