Saturday, July 23, 2016

Wedding Dress Quilts for Andrea, Branda and Cathy

I've been very busy making wedding dress quilts, and my blogging has gotten behind! Here are three of my recent quilts.

Andrea wanted to incorporate her bridesmaid's dresses and sashes, a Celtic design in a border, and jasmine flowers in the quilting design.  The beautiful lace bodice became the "frame" around the center flower design.

Brenda loves irises, and has horses and dogs. I quilted irises in the center of her quilt in colored thread, then quilted the rest of the center in a watery design.  The horse and dog motif was quilted in the corner.

Cathy wanted a flower her quilt, and the graduation hood from her college included.  I used the fabric from the hood in the corners of the center panel, a flower design in the center and outer border, and used a straight line background fill.