Friday, December 30, 2016

Wedding Dress Bodice Quilt for Pam

Pam's dress had a beautiful bodice, so we decided to incorporate the bodice as a focal point of the quilt.  The bodice was partially deconstructed and attached to the quilt, with fancy feathers and hearts used in the quilting design.

Some dresses have discoloration that cannot be removed, but that doesn't mean they can't be made into beautiful quilts.  The slight discoloration on Pam's bodice provides a nice contrast and makes it show up better on the quilt.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Two Wedding Dresses, Four Wedding Dress Quilts

Occasionally I get a request for two wedding dress quilts from one dress.  If the dress has enough fabric, two quilts might be possible.

Kathy had a pretty dress that was a very pale yellow.  She wanted two baby quilts for her grandchildren, and I was able to make two almost identical quilts for her.

I also used the lace from her dress in the center, with the edging from the bottom of the skirt for the borders.  Quilted in a fancy feather design, with a scalloped border.

Joanna's dress had tiers of beautiful lace on the skirt, and a lace train.  She asked me to make two quilts from her wedding dress for her two daughters.  She wanted a lace ruffle on one, and the other one with no ruffle.  

The lace from her train was used in the center rectangular panel of each quilt.   I made a lace ruffle that went over the outer border of one quilt. The lace from the bodice was placed in the center of each quilt, with feather quilting.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Wedding Dress Quilts for Dahlia and Nicole - Similar But Not the Same

At first glance, these quilts may look alike, but they are quite different.  Dahlia's quilt was a combination of her mother and grandmother's wedding dresses.  The center circle is made from the pleated yoke on her grandmother's dress. The inner border, and buttons in the outer corners are also from her grandmother's dress. The rest of the quilt was made from her mother's dress, and the lace on the outer border came from her mother's veil.  

Nicole's dress had beautiful sleeves with pearl edged cutouts and fabric roses.  I created a design that was similar to the cutouts and attached pearls and the roses to the corners in the center.  The borders have beautiful embellishments from the dress incorporated into the quilting.  The center is the headpiece from her veil.