Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Wedding Dress Quilt for Nancy

Nancy was married 45 years ago, and wanted me to make her dress into  quilt.  The dress was made from a very lightweight fabric, with lace sleeves and a beaded yoke.  There was a wide lace ruffle around the bottom of the skirt.

The fabric in the dress was too sheer, so we decided to use a nice satin for the quilt, and just use the  lace and trim from dress.  

In the center, lace and beading from bodice and sleeves were made into a circle with lace embellishments from skirt in the center. The center was also divided into a diamond shape with the trim from the dress. Embellishments in the corners and a feather quilting design.  The lace ruffle was  laid flat on the inner border. The outer border was a feather design, with their names and wedding date embroidered on the bottom in the center.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Mary Beth's Wedding Dress Quilt and Pillow

Mary Beth had a beautiful dress from her wedding 32 years ago.  Lots of satin with heavily beaded lace, and a beautiful lace around the bottom of the skirt and train.  She also sent me a flower centerpiece she hoped I could use in the pillow.

The quilt is satin, with lace from her dress skirt on the outer border.  Lace from the dress was incorporated into the inner border ribbon design.  

The center of the quilt had more of the ribbon design, with feathers in the corners. Beaded lace from the bodice is in a circle around the names and date embroidered in a heart in the center.

For the pillow, I quilted a pretty feather heart, with beaded lace from her bodice in the center.  I attached flowers from the centerpiece around the heart.  On the back, more quilted feathers, and a circle made of bodice lace.

Wedding Dress Quilt from Beth's Mother's Handmade Dress

Beth wanted me to make a wedding dress quilt from her Mother's dress. She was married in 1957, and made the dress herself.  The bodice and sleeves were a beautiful lace, skirt was tulle and the underskirt was satin.  There were buttons down the back of the dress which Beth asked to be included in the design.

I used the satin underskirt for the base of the quilt. The lace was very delicate, so I put it in a heart in the center of the quilt with a few lace motifs. with a quilted design. I put buttons around the edge of the heart. Other flower motifs were spaced around the inner border with a vine and leaf motif joining them. The outer border was quilted in a feather design.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Lisa's Wedding Dress Quilt

Lisa sent me her dress, and her mother's.  She asked for a quilt that combined both dresses.  Her dress had beautiful beading on the bodice, and lots of ruffles with lace motifs.  Her mother's dress had some beautiful lace edging around the bodice and skirt.

The quilt top was made from the satin underskirt of her dress. In the center of the quilt, I put a heart made from the lace in Lisa's dress bodice, surrounded by lace from her mom's bodice.  Lisa's mom loved daisies, so I quilted a daisy design around the heart. Lace from mom's bodice went in the corners and around the border of the center panel.  Lace from mom's skirt went around the edge between inner and outer borders, and I put ruffles over the outer border.  Feather quilting went in the open areas.