Monday, February 19, 2018

Antonia's Wedding Dress Baby Quilt

Antonia wanted to make a baby quilt from her wedding dress. The dress had some really pretty embellished embroidery going down the skirt and on the bodice.  She wanted to use as much as posible, so I placed the larger pieces on each side of the center, with a smaller piece above.  We agreed on a swirl design for the center quilting.  The inner border was straight lines 1/4" apart, and the outer border was quilted in a feather design.

The heart on the back of the quilt is made from her mother's dress. She is expecting a baby, so the label will be filled in after the baby is born, and placed near the heart.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wedding Dress Pillow for Tia

Tia's wedding dress had a beaded top, and a chiffon skirt.  She wanted a round gathered pillow with the beading around the side, and the skirt made into the center.

I think we succeeded!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Remembrance Wedding Dress Quilt

Several ladies got together and had this quilt made for a coworker who lost their spouse a year ago. The dress was made of beautiful satin with lots of lace and beading. 

The lace in the center of the quilt was from the bodice of the dress. 

I used the beaded lace that went down the train of the dress for the inner border. The outer border had bodice lace at the top and bottom.

I used several feather quilting designs to divide up the larger areas and add interest. The finished quilt is about 44" x 56".

Friday, December 8, 2017

Satin & Lace Wedding Dress Quilt for Mary

Mary's dress had really nice satin fabric, and the lace was beautiful.  She requested a  curved feather design in the outer border.  I used the lace going down the train on the back of her dress in the inner border. The bodice and skirt lace was made into a heart shape in the center.  Their names and wedding date were embroidered in the center.  Around the heart I quilted a feather design.