Thursday, June 22, 2017

Three Generation Wedding Dress Wall Hangings for Meg

Meg wanted two quilted wall hangings made from her dress, her mother's dress, and her grandmother's dress.  Her dress had a full satin skirt, which we used for both quilt tops. Her grandmother loved roses, so the quilted feather design in the outer borders included roses. She also wanted a celtic design, so a triple celtic heart was embroidered in the center of both quilts.

Meg's dress had a lace jacket. The center of her quilt was made from the bodice of the jacket. The pearl heart in the center was made from her headpiece, and the bow at the bottom was from the back of her dress. The lace in the corners of the quilt was from her mother's dress.  Buttons from her grandmother's dress were sewn into the center of the roses in the outer border of the quilt.

The second quilt was for Meg's mother.  In the center was the delicate beading from her grandmother's dress, and lace from Meg's veil.  The lace in the corners of the center panels was from mother's dress.

What a nice way to remember three generations!


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wedding Dress Quilt for Audrey

Audrey's satin wedding dress had a beautiful lace bodice that she wanted as a focal point in her quilt. I carefully removed the lace from the bodice, and made a heart shape in the center of the quilt. The lace was attached, but not quilted, so it has a very three dimensional effect. 

The satin center and outer border were quilted in a fancy feather design. The inner border was a flower design picked out from the lace.  The lace border from her veil was placed between the center panel and borders. I think it made a really pretty quilt!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Quilt and Pillow for Paulette

Paulette wanted a quilt for her daughter, who is getting married this summer and a pillow for herself. What a great idea, a pillow so she could still have a remembrance of her wedding, once she gave the quilt to her daughter!

The dress was made of a nice taffeta fabric with a beautiful embellished bodice, and trim and lace around the hem. 

The center of the quilt is a circle made from the l trim on the dress, with embroidered names and date in the center, and feather quilting.  The inner border is fabric with a lace overlay, quilted in the design of the lace.  The outer border is the dress fabric with a nice quilted feather design.  

Paulette wanted me to incorporate the lace and buttons from the dress in the pillow.  For the front, I deconstructed the bodice and put it as an overlay on the pillow, with buttons down the sides.  The back of the pillow is lace pieced into a frame for their names and wedding date.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wedding Dress Quilt for Deb

Deb had a beautiful wedding dress with a ruffled skirt, lots of embellishments on the bodice, pearls draped across the back, and a large bow.  

The top of the quilt is the satin lining of her dress. I incorporated the lace and beading into the quilting design, and put two layers of ruffles on the outer border.  The bow fit perfectly at the bottom of the quilt. 

Deb asked me to add some teal color to the design, so I stitched the feathers on the inner border in teal thread. The finished quilt is 44" x 52".  I use wool batting, which quilts well and resists creasing.