Friday, December 28, 2012

Straightening Up & Reorganizing My Quilt Studio

Instead of a New Year's Resolution -- I've set myself a goal to straighten up and re-organize my quilt studio by the end of the year!

Checked off the To Do list --

  • Packed up all the Christmas fabric (well, almost done).  I was determined to use up my stash of Christmas fabric this year. After coasters, place mats  purses, bags, and several quilts and bed runners, it's about 1/2 what it was -- of course I had to buy some fabric on sale but I have a lot less! Take a look at my Quilt Gallery to see some of them!
  • Organized all of my accessory, purse and bag making supplies. One of my discoveries this year was purses at thrift stores.  They are inexpensive, and I found new ones that had never been used.  The handles, zippers and trim can be used on my items which saved me a lot of money.

  • Got rid of all of the plastic bags I was going to use "someday", and went through some OLD projects I was never going to finish, and either put them back into stash, or let them go.

  • Now, to straighten up my stash!  I use shallow plastic bins, and have one for each color.  Some of the solids, and unusual items and multicolored florals go in their own bins.  The fabric on the table in front is new fabric I got for Christmas (love gift certificates!!)

I may do some furniture re-arranging too.  When I've gotten things all organized, I'll post a picture of the entire studio!

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