Thursday, January 10, 2013

Easy to Make Design Wall

Here's a great idea for an easy and inexpensive Design Wall -- your fabric sticks to the flannel so you rarely need pins!

I made two - here is a picture of one of them.  They are side by side so I have a total of 8' x 8' of design space!  They can be rearranged or I can just use one if I want!

Simple Instructions:

  • Get 1 or 2 pieces of blue insulation board from the home improvement store depending on the size Design Wall you want (each is 4' wide x 8' tall) 
  • Cut if necessary to fit your wall with knife, box cutter, etc.
  • Cover each with a flannel backed tablecloth (flannel side out). Be sure to get one that will cover the board.  
  • Pull tight and staple on the back to hold in place.  You could get fancier and use glue or tape.
  • Attach to wall (or just lean it)

I had been hanging things from a "clothesline" we'd attached to the wall with eye bolts.  Rather than take that down, we just slipped the Design Wall under the clothesline, and voila! two great design walls.   I may attach them more permanently later, but for now, it works great!  Total cost about $20 for 2!

Try it, and let me know how it turns out!



  1. I have one of these that I covered with flannel and I like the ability of moving it around--I can keep it near me when I'm working on a project. But I've been wanting a second one and just need to do it. One is simply not big enough for a regular bed quilt!

    1. You're right -- and having 2 is much easier that one huge one!

      My question now is - why does fabric stick to one better than the other? Maybe the flannel tablecloth backing is better on one.