Monday, January 7, 2013

Organizing My Studio -- Making Progress!

Is this organizing ever finished?  I'm pretty sure the answer is "No!"  I really enjoy organizing my studio, it looks so nice after, and I get to use my creative organizing ideas!

My first project was organizing my shelving where I keep my stash.  I still have some labeling to do, but so far --
  • Refolded ALL of my stash, using 6" ruler folding technique
  • Sorted the fabric by color and value, and put the smaller pieces (fat quarters) in clear plastic shoe boxes  
  • Fabrics that I wanted to stay in a group were put together in the green basket
  • Scraps are sorted by color on the upper right side of the shelves, again in plastic shoe boxes
  • Fleece and flannel are on the top shelf, with some of my quilts and craft supplies
  • Strips are hung on the end of the shelves
  • Bolts of white and off-white are stored on the bottom shelf, with smaller pieces of batting
  • Rolls of batting are in the corner

Here's a really simple explanation of how I did the folding --

Fold your fabric selvage to selvage (45" folded in half).  Then fold it again, so the fold is even with the selvages.  Mine is folded a little crooked to show you.

Take a 6" ruler, and fold the fabric over the ruler, and continue folding around the ruler. Take the ruler out.

This will give you a nice 6" wide folded fabric. For smaller pieces, fold in half after folding around the ruler. You can easily stack the fabric, and the great thing - you can tell how long your piece of fabric is -- 6 folds = 1 yard!

Whew, I'm tired just writing about it!  Next blog, I'll show you the rest of my studio and what I've accomplished.



  1. Hey Mary - looks good! I found something awesome at my Mother-in-Law's house over the holiday...we found two cans FULL of old buttons that were her Mom's and Grandma's!!! They are so neat. I thought of you and asked if I could have them to send to you...I will try to get to the post office this week. Hope you will have room on your shelf for them! Tee hee!

    Love ya!

    Your Favorite Sister-in-Law,

    Patty :-)

  2. That sounds great -- I can always get them next time we see you :)

  3. Very neat folding! Thanks for sharing your technique.