Saturday, January 26, 2013

Paisley Flowers - My Favorite Quilts

It occurred to me today that I've talked a lot about my studio, and have a gallery of quilts, and I've blogged about my quilts for 2012, but I haven't talked about my individual quilts.

Paisley Flowers was an fun quilt for me, because I was able to do some thread painting and fabric painting on it as well as applique and patchwork. The queen size quilt was a gift for my father.

The center and corner motifs were needle turn applique, adapted from a pattern in the book Art Noveau Quilts by Bea Oglesby.  I followed the pattern for the center, but adapted it to fit two of the corners.

For the borders, I used some pretty floral material in my stash.  The inside borders aren't all the same shape and color, which I found interesting and different.

Then, I thread painted the other two corners with colored thread. Just to add some contrast, I also did a little fabric painting on the flowers.  The quilt was machine quilted with a looping design..
I hope you enjoy seeing my quilt and hearing about it, hopefully it will give you some ideas you can use!



  1. ThaWump! That's the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. This quilt is drop dead gorgeous.