Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Way to Paper Piece

Did you know you can paper piece without all the tearing and cutting of paper -- AND you can reuse the paper templates?  This technique has worked so well for me on my Double Wedding Ring quilt that I had to share it!

This is a really simple explanation, not a paper piecing tutorial, because I want to hurry and get back to piecing!  Let me know if it doesn't make sense.
Steps  1-4
1. Copy or draw your pattern onto the non-slick side of freezer paper and cut it out. (you can also use regular paper, and a glue stick).

2. Press Piece 1 fabric lightly onto the slick side of the freezer paper, being careful to stay inside of the lines. Pressing from the paper side helps.

3. Place Piece 1 and Piece 2 together, lining up the edges right sides together, BUT, before you sew, fold back the paper on the seam line.
4. Sew the seam, being careful to sew next to the paper fold, without sewing the paper.  If your pressure foot wants to stick, put a scrap of paper over the freezer paper.

Steps 5-6
5. Press lightly, carefully pressing Piece 2  to the shiny (sticky) side of the freezer paper. Again, stay inside the lines of piece 2.  Press from the paper side, and you can see your pattern. (If you use regular paper, use a dab of glue stick to hold the fabric to the paper, or pin).

6. Fold at the next line, trim your seams, and sew your next seam (Piece 2 to Piece 3).

7. Continue until you have finished your piece.  When you are finished, trim around the outside, and carefully pull off the freezer paper and re-use!

 -- it's just that easy!


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  1. Oh this is so cool. I saw something similar demo at a quilt show. Thanks for sharing this step by step tutorial. It was great. Thanks for stepping away from your stitchin' to share! I was so inspired I am following you in my little blue slippers. You should see them on your list.
    Have a great week.