Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quilters' Show & Tell - Please Vote before Monday!

I have entered the Quilters' Show and Tell Contest - Commemorative Quilts.  Please take a look at the beautiful quilts in the contest, and vote for your favorite. Hopefully that will be mine!

My quilt, Dixon's Wedding Quilt, was made for my parents, to commemorate their 62 years of marriage.  It was made from my mother's wedding dress.

It is satin, with lace overlays on the borders.  On the back, their wedding picture and invitation were printed on fabric and appliqued onto the quilt.

Wedding Dress Quilt Back Detail

There are also decorative ribbons and buttons from the dress in the corners.

Wedding Dress Quilt Corner Detail
To Vote - Click on Quilters' Show and Tell -- voting is down the page after the pictures of the quilts. My quilt picture is the 5th one on the first row - Dixon Wedding Quilt. Voting ends at 8 am Monday!

Quilters' Show and Tell

Wedding Dress Quilts are one of my specialties, visit my Custom Quilts web page at Mary Manson Quilts for more pictures and information.

Thanks so much for your support!


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