Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bloglovin or Feedly?

Like many of us, I'm testing out alternatives to Google Reader -- I wanted to do a "short" post about my experiences so far with Bloglovin and Feedly, hope it helps you.

I've downloaded the apps for both Bloglovin and Feedly to my ipad, and also use on my Windows laptop in my studio.  Both are really nice, easy to add sites, good cover pages, can move sites from one "group" to another, etc. so I'll just comment on the things I didn't like.

These are just my personal opinions.


  • On the ipad app, there's no way to see tags, or tag posts, other than to "save" them. (You can tag posts on the web site -- I use Chrome, hopefully Explorer and others are the same).  If I save posts on ipad, I can tag them the next time I'm on the web site, clumsy, but possible.
  • On the ipad, there doesn't seem to be a way to get to the Safari web version, so you have to use the app.  
  • Movng a blog from one "group" to another seems awkward.
  • No direct linking and automatic posting of your new posts to Facebook.  No tracking "followers".


  • Can't tag posts. I like to tag similar posts  - try this, good idea, etc.
  • As I scroll through the posts, they aren't automatically marked as read.  Doesn't have as many setting choices as Feedly.
  • I didn't like the ipad app.  It might be good for quick looks, but was too basic for me. It only works in portrait mode, and doesn't group blogs.  To get around this, I use the web site with Safari.
  • Can link directly to your blog, and posts can be set up to post automatically -- this is good for some people, and not for others.  Bloglovin is more of a "site", it tracks followers, and can give you more visibility if you get on their "up and coming" list.
Decisions, decisions! I'll let you know my final decision when I make one.

Please leave comments, suggestions, corrections, etc!  We're all in this together :)



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