Saturday, April 20, 2013

Log Cabin Finished - Three out of Five!

Here is another in the series of 5 quilts I'm making for my uncle's mountain cabin.  I talked about this quilt top in another blog, Log Cabin Quilt Top -- this week I loaded it up on my frame and got it quilted!

I love feathers, so decided to quilt large feathers diagonally on the quilt - one set of feathers in each dark "row" and one set in each light "row".  I quilted narrow horizontal lines in the open background areas.

I really like the  look I got -- you can see it better in this closeup of the back.

I think this is one of my favorite quilts, and I didn't like it much when I started it, just goes to show, you never know what the end result might be!

Three done, two more to go!  I've really enjoyed these quilts, each is a different pattern and technique, and I used different machine quilting on each.


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