Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday's Tip - Curtain Rods

For Tuesday's Tip, I wanted to list a a couple of the ways I use curtain rods!

Freezer Paper - Freezer paper has loads of uses, especially with applique and paper piecing.  For machine quilting, you can even iron it down and quilt around it to make your designs.

I put a small curtain rod on the end of my cutting table and put the roll of freezer paper there -- really convenient!

Quilt Frame Tool Holder - it's hard to have a place to keep your tools on a quilt frame that is handy to reach.

I took 2 small curtain rods and hooked them loosely over the rollers on my frame, then duct taped (don't we love duct tape!) a small plastic bin to the curtain rods.  It doesn't get in the way, and I can roll the quilt without dislodging it.

Quilt Hanger - I hung a curtain rod with clip rings, and clipped the quilt on the rod for display.  When I want to change quilts, I just un-clip the current one and clip up the new one. (excuse the bad photo, I was in too much of a hurry)

I've also heard of curtain rods used for:

- Holding rolls of masking or duct tape
- Holding rolls of ribbon
- Holding hooks for rulers or other tools
- Make a quick design wall with a flannel backed tablecloth
- Make a  headboard for a bed with a pretty quilt

Have you heard of other good ideas for curtain rods?  Leave a comment and tell everyone your tips!


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