Sunday, March 23, 2014

Biggest Wedding Dress Quilt Yet!

I promised my client I wouldn't show off her Wedding Dress Quilt until after she gave it to her daughter, who is getting married.  The quilt was given to her at her shower yesterday, so I can to show it off!

Karen sent me her wedding dress, and the dress she wore at her reception.  The wedding dress had a full skirt and long train, so there was a lot of material, and some beautiful lace trim.  The reception dress was satin,  and was a yellowish color.  I used the reception dress for two borders and the center motif.

She asked that I make the quilt as big as possible, and I was able to make it about 75" square, which fits on a queen size bed.  This is the largest wedding dress quilt I've made!  Another request was for sunflowers in the center of the quilt, her daughter loves sunflowers.

I'm really happy with the way the quilt turned out, and glad I can share it with everyone!

 Here are closer shots of the corners of the quilt, showing the feather quilting designs.  And below is another picture of the center of the quilt.

Wedding dress quilts are custom designed, no two quilts are alike, and usually the tops are made from the dress(es) with no material added.  

You can see more of my Wedding Dress Quilts on my web site MaryMansonQuilts or my blog


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