Saturday, December 17, 2016

Wedding Dress Quilts for Dahlia and Nicole - Similar But Not the Same

At first glance, these quilts may look alike, but they are quite different.  Dahlia's quilt was a combination of her mother and grandmother's wedding dresses.  The center circle is made from the pleated yoke on her grandmother's dress. The inner border, and buttons in the outer corners are also from her grandmother's dress. The rest of the quilt was made from her mother's dress, and the lace on the outer border came from her mother's veil.  

Nicole's dress had beautiful sleeves with pearl edged cutouts and fabric roses.  I created a design that was similar to the cutouts and attached pearls and the roses to the corners in the center.  The borders have beautiful embellishments from the dress incorporated into the quilting.  The center is the headpiece from her veil.


  1. Love your work,could you post the quilt dimensions also? Thanks Lois

    1. Thank you! Most of my quilts are approximately 42" x 42" square, or 42" x 60" if rectangular. The size depends on the design and material available.