Saturday, February 6, 2021

Quilt, Pillow and Ringbearer's Pillow for Ruby

Ruby had a beautiful wedding dress with a double train, one layer satin and one lace. She wanted her  dress made into a quilt, a pillow and a ringbearer's pillow for her daughter. 

Ruby Pillow Front

I used satin from the dress for the pillow, with the beaded front bodice and strands of  bead "pearls". The back of the pillow was made from the lace train.

Ruby Pillow Back

The ringbearer's pillow was satin with beaded embellishments from the dress.

Ruby Pillow and Ringbearer's Pillow

Ruby's quilt was made from the skirt of her dress.  The satin and lace panels were joined in the center, and machine quilted in a feather design.  This showed off the lace, embellishments, and the lace on the bottom edge of the quilt


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