Saturday, February 16, 2013

One of those quilts!

Some quilts are just trouble!

My uncle asked me to make a quilt to put at his mountain cabin. I thought I'd found a good pattern, Snowball blocks alternating with Nine Patches. I had lots of "woodsy" fabric in my stash.

When I put the blocks on my design wall, I didn't like it AT ALL!
So I cut the nine patches in half, and got rid of the snowball blocks. After trying several layouts, I still didn't like it :(

I ended up sewing the blocks back into nine patches, leaving out some fabrics and putting in more darks. It felt like I was going around in circles! 

Instead of the Snowballs, I used a different block (Puss in the Corner).  Finally, I got the blocks rearranged, and this time I'm happy with the result.

I sure hope the quilting goes better!



  1. The snowball and 9 patch quilts look great once they are stitched together to give the flow of the pattern. It is one that looks different on a design wall.