Monday, February 25, 2013

Finished Tube Strip Quilt Top

I'm having to show quilt tops, because my stretched Juki was having problems, and I had to send it off to be repaired -- it's gone since January (a very long story) and I MISS IT!!!

I did finish this scrappy tube strip quilt top.  I want to use up all of my scraps, as I'm changing to a more modern style and the fabrics don't work for me any more.  So I used a lot of different fabrics in this quilt.

The tutorial I used is here at A Bright Corner Strip Tube Tutorial. It's an interesting technique that I'd never used before.  Sewing those long strips was pretty boring, but the end result was fast and pretty!

Has anyone else used this technique?  How do you like it?  Did you do scrappy, or a pattern?



  1. This is beautiful. fun pattern looking at the tutorial too.

  2. Have not tried it yet! Is is on my wishlist though!
    Your quilt looks fantastic!

  3. Looks like this method is quick and the end result is gorgeous! Great way to use up scrap strips.

  4. Found you on Sew many ways and love your take on this quilt after looking at the tutorial. I am a scrappy quilt lover personally :) Kathi