Friday, March 30, 2018

Quilt and Pillow from Cindy’s Wedding Dress

Ornate wedding dresses make beautiful quilts and pillows! Cindy’s dress was satin, with a lot of openwork lace and lots of sequins and pearls.

I made a heart shape in the center of the quilt from ten pieces of lace from the skirt of the dress, over the satin from her dress.  The inner border is quilted satin, with lace embellishing the corners and sides. The outer border is satin, covered with the lace from the bottom of the skirt, with lace in the corners.

The pillow was made from the bodice of the dress.  The bodice front was made into the front of the pillow, and the back of the bodice was the back of the pillow.  A quilted design filled the open areas.

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