Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Lisa's Wedding Dress Quilt

Lisa sent me her dress, and her mother's.  She asked for a quilt that combined both dresses.  Her dress had beautiful beading on the bodice, and lots of ruffles with lace motifs.  Her mother's dress had some beautiful lace edging around the bodice and skirt.

The quilt top was made from the satin underskirt of her dress. In the center of the quilt, I put a heart made from the lace in Lisa's dress bodice, surrounded by lace from her mom's bodice.  Lisa's mom loved daisies, so I quilted a daisy design around the heart. Lace from mom's bodice went in the corners and around the border of the center panel.  Lace from mom's skirt went around the edge between inner and outer borders, and I put ruffles over the outer border.  Feather quilting went in the open areas.

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