Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Guess What This is!

I finished SUCH a fun wall hanging!  Can you tell what it is?

Here's a hint -- think pixelated!  Ok, so take a look at the next picture -- do you see it now?

One last try!  From a distance you can really get the "photo" effect.  Can you tell it's a girl lifting weights?

Here is the photo I used.  My daughter Melissa is very into CrossFit - its a strength and endurance based fitness training (I had no idea what it was at first).  Look as my girl pumping iron!!!

Craftsy has a free class Pictures to Pixel Quilts with Caro Sheridan. I thought this class was really good, and it helped me a lot with my quilt.  Caro is a great teacher, and really explains how to do this type of quilt.  If you haven't taken a look at the classes on Craftsy, you're really missing out!

Pixelated quilts are an interesting way to convert a picture into a quilt.  Most computer programs will pixelate a picture, and I used a free cross stitch app to convert it to a pattern.  

But, after looking at how many squares it needed, I was overwhelmed.  Then I couldn't find the colors for the skin tones, so I "cheated"!  I printed the pixelated photo onto 4 sheets of colorfast fabric sheets, and quilted the squares to make it look more patchwork.  I had some really colorful fabric in my stash for the border, and brown (which I rarely use) made the "frame".

What do you think of my quilt portrait?


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