Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wedding Dress Quilt and Two Pillows

Wedding dress quilts are one of my specialties, and I really enjoy making them.  The dresses are so beautiful, and the quilts and pillows are such a great reminder of a wonderful day.  

My latest commission was for a quilt and two pillows for Debbie in Ohio.  As you can see in the wedding picture, her wedding dress was lace, and had a lot of ruffles and a beautiful decoration on the bodice. 

I used the ruffles as borders, and covered the pillows with lace. -- each pillow was different, and was 12" x 16" plus a 6" ruffle.

In addition to decorative quilting, the first pillow was embellished with pearls, lace and ribbons.  

The lace on the second pillow had sequins scattered in the lace, and a decorative lace border that I was able to use on the pillow.

I'll write another blog post about the quilt, as soon as I get it finished!

Do you or anyone you know have a wedding dress packed away in a closet? A wedding dress quilt is a great way to display your dress!

Feel free to take a look at the wedding dress quilts in the Custom/Wedding page of my web site (if you need further information, there is a contact page on my web site, or leave a comment here).


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