Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Dress Quilt to Match Pillows

In another post, Wedding Dress Quilt and Two Pillows, I talked about the wedding dress pillows I made -- now I can show you the finished quilt!!

The quilt was a patchwork design with a center block.  The dress bodice had a beautiful decorative design that I removed and appliqued in the center (wedding dress quilts require knowledge of  garment construction as well as quilting!)  I used the lace and the lining from the dress in the quilt top.  

The quilt was quilted in a feather pattern.  It is 54" square, with a 6" ruffled border.

The quilt was to be a gift for Debbie's new granddaughter, so pink bows, ribbons and rosebuds were attached.  The quilt is to be decorative, rather than practical, it will hang on a wall, so there was no problem with the decorations not being "baby proof".

This commission has been such fun, I hope Debbie enjoys the quilt and pillows, I really enjoyed making them.

Do you or anyone you know have a wedding dress packed away in a closet? A wedding dress quilt is a great way to display your dress!

Feel free to take a look at the wedding dress quilts in the Custom/Wedding page of my web site (if you need further information, there is a contact page on my web site, or leave a comment here).

On to my next order, a wedding quilt adapted from the wedding invitation design. Stay tuned!


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  1. How beautiful! What a wonderful treasure. Mine has been in a box in my attic for over 20 years.